Do I need a wide-angled lens in my camera setup?

We do advise the use of a standard wide-angled lens to ensure the capture of the full width of the tennis court.


How will I know if I have my camera aligned correctly?

Easy. A quick and simple process of trial and error will have you up and running with the correct alignment in no time. Pan and tilt are fully adjustable to allow for variations in court dimensions and fencing height.


Will SkyMount fit inside my tennis bag?

Absolutely. SkyMount is perfectly portable and designed to fit easily inside a tennis bag. SkyMount is contained within a carry-bag (supplied) with the approximate dimensions of... (TBC)


Am I limited to the type of fencing/court surround to which SkyMount will attach?

SkyMount utilizes a hook-over system to attach to any standard fencing surround (with or without a border pole)


Will my video camera be safe and secure?

Yes, as safe as any video device can be when used within the confines of a tennis court with little yellow bullets flying around! SkyMount will attach to any standard video recording device


Other FAQs to be added relating to tournament service when we are clear on exactly the process

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