SkyMount is an innovative new coaching tool that will revolutionise the way in which we use video to enhance tennis performance. SkyMount is the only product currently on the market that will enable you to suspend your digital video device safely and securely from the back fencing surround of a tennis court, without the need for ladders, fixtures, or fittings. This represents a unique, exciting, and inexpensive opportunity to capture aerial footage of the whole court and the whole game- just as if you were watching it on TV!

SkyMount, when combined with a digital video camera/wide-angle lens setup, enables the capture of aerial footage of both players and the whole court providing limitless opportunity to analyse strategy, obtain statistics, observe psychological behaviour, study movement, and develop shot production in a competitive context. Safe, secure, and durable, SkyMount is perfectly portable. It comes with its own carry-bag and will collapse in seconds making it a must-have piece of kit for your tennis bag.